Banana Balm Sheen 3-in-1
Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1
Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1
Banana Balm squeeze with banana pieces
Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1
Banana Balm with banana pieces
Banana Balm swatch
Banana Balm squeeze close-up
Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1

Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1

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A whipped lanolin + banana lip sheen, for juicy, glowing lips.

Banana Balm is an especially creamy, fluffy, super-rich 3-in-1 balm. (1) Lanolin lip conditioner + (2) Lip lustre sheen + (3) lip protectant. With added banana extract for a hit of happy! Gives you soft, hydrated (happy) & glowing lips.

12.5g / .44 oz net wt. 


    Our superstar-hero-ingredient with the big heart. The molecular structure of lanolin mimics human oils, which is why we call it 'Nature's Wonder MoisturiserTM.


    Creamy and protective on the skin (and related to chocolate, so...).


    It's nature's happiest fruit - but also nutrients in banana are great for the skin.


    We added a hint of sheen to make the lips glow.

Lanolin*, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter*, theobroma (cacao) seed butter, polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate*, aroma (nat)*, (cera alba) beeswax*, musa paradisiaca (banana) fruit*, mica, tocopherol (vit E)*, calcium aluminium borosilicate, tin oxide*, silica*, aqua*, glycerin*, caprylic/capric triglyceride*, parfum (nat)*, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, CI 77891*. *natural/mineral derived/dérivé naturelle

Apply to lips as needed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Gabriella Rosales

I purchased the banana moisturizing lip balm last month and it’s absolutely amazing!! The scent is nice and sweet, and the gloss from it makes my lips look so pretty, especially with the glitter!!

super hydrating!

Really enjoyed the hydrating boost from this balm! It's a little thicker than the others offered by lanolips, but that makes it super long lasting. Forms a good barrier for windy or dry days to keep your lips moisturized!

The shimmer is subtle but adds a little extra sparkle to an already great balm :)

My only note is that less is more! When applied too generously, it can sometimes appear a little milky on the lips!

Love the sheen...

Feels nice on your lips, isn't sticky. Time will tell if it really solves my chapped lip problem.

Jenn H
Best new lip balm

Since Glossier changed their formula, I needed a new lip balm and found this. The banana scent is fabulous, the sheen is subtle, and the lip balm is super moisturizing and lasts a long time.

Glossier BDC Alternative

I bought this as a consequence of the Glossier reformulation, so my review focuses on that. Glossier removed their active ingredients and the internet recommends Lanolips as an alternative. Glossier didn't have a banana flavour to compare (what are they thinking?). Happy to say that I'm pleased with the Lanolips. I don't like to use the tube to rub across my lips but it's no problem to squeeze out a bit onto my finger. The flavour is a lovely strong natural-ish banana, about as natural as a banana flavour can be anyway. Formula wise, it's very similar to BDC, but thicker. This is a different formula to the coconut, but still a lip balm essentially. I can't really notice any sheen in it, but that might just be me. It sits on your lips in a thick barrier, which is what you want really. You can get away with using a very tiny amount for under lipstick or just for a lighter application. I wish there was an alternative for Cookie Butter or Swiss Miss, but Glossier has discontinued those anyway. I felt that the flavour and scent fades quickly, but then I tested against the BDC and, though it is more intense than this, it also fades pretty quickly and you have to reapply for another hit. I hadn't really noticed before. This is my favourite of the two that I ordered (I also got coconut), though I like both.

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