Top 4 Benefits of Lanolin

Lanolin is the hero ingredient in all our products. From our award-winning balms to our beautifully tinted ointments, lanolin mimics your skins’ oils to deliver intense hydration where you need it the most.

Here are some things you may not know about lanolin that make it a great addition to your skincare routine.

What is lanolin?

Lanolin is a deeply moisturising oil that naturally occurs in sheep’s wool. The natural oil is used to condition and protect sheep’s wool from the elements and the environment, mainly helping them to shed water and stay dry. The same conditioning properties are also excellent for softening skin and that’s why lanolin is widely used in cosmetics from lip balms and hand creams to hair products.

The proprietary refining process makes our lanolin hypoallergenic and the hero ingredient in all our products (which you’ll find in our Original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm and our Golden Dry Skin Miracle Salve). We only put Ultra Pure Grade Lanolin in all our products.

Benefits of Lanolin

When you use lanolin cream your skin will thank you. Here are a handful of the benefits of lanolin you may not know:

1. It’s Cruelty-free

If you’re ready to clean up your skincare routine, lanolin is a must. All of LANO’s lanolin is humanely (and cruelty-free) sourced from Australian and New Zealand sheep farmers. Lanolin is a by-product of wool washing after shearing, meaning no sheep are harmed in the process. In fact, if sheep aren’t sheared, their fleece will become solid, too hot and heavy for them so they must be shorn whether we use lanolin or not. That’s why our lanolin is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny Certified.

2. It Provides Dual Benefits

Lanolin is unique because it is incredibly hydrating without ever feeling sticky. It has the dual benefit of being both semi-occlusive and semi-permeable, meaning it allows your skin to self-hydrate from within while acting as a breathable skin barrier. These two qualities make lanolin an incredibly versatile ingredient that is ideal for hydrating dry, flaky skin.

3. It Offers the Ultimate in Hydration

Lanolin can hold up to 400% of its weight in moisture, so you know it can quench your skin’s thirst. Another part of the reason why lanolin is an effective moisturizer is that it’s scientifically proven to mimic lipids in human skin extremely closely. Your skin will instantly welcome the added hydration!

4. It Can Be Used for More Than Cosmetics

While we love lanolin for lips and can’t get enough of lanolin hand cream, this hero ingredient can also be used for more than cosmetics. Because of its similarity to the skin’s own oils, doctors often recommend lanolin to help protect burns and mothers can use it with nursing infants. 

As you can see, lanolin for skin is a great, natural way to add some more moisture to your skincare or beauty routine. And with options ranging from our original balms to tinted ointments, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye.

Learn more about lanolin and why we use it in all of our Lanolips products today.
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