Plus the clean beauty salve with a cult following to remedy it. 

Are you suffering from dry skin? Seasonal shifts can have pretty significant implications on the state of skin. Changes in temperature and humidity can irritate delicate areas of the face, as well as your standard tricky dry spots like legs, hands and elbows, and can even exacerbate existent skin conditions.

Of course, climate isn’t the only thing that might be having an effect on you (because, well, 2020….). Stress and anxiety, dehydration, excessive and aggressive washing, a less-than-perfect diet and nutritional deficiencies of essential vitamins like B6 and zinc can cause dry and itchy skin too. So, what can you do about it? A few simple lifestyle shifts should helplike:

     - Drink more water
     - Turn down the temperature in the shower (even if it’s slight)
     - Make sure the bathroom door is closed while you’re bathing (the steamy room works like a humidifier to optimise moisture levels)
     - Blot and pat, rather than rub yourself dry with a towel when you’re done
     - Slather moisturiser onto skin within the first few minutes out of a bath or shower to lock in moisture 

The last two tips work in tandem to better retain the moisture levels in the skin, which you can then lock in with a smart skin salve. We’re a little biased, but our favourite when the skin chips are down, and you’re battling severely dry skin is Golden Dry Skin Miracle Salve.


How it works

The all-natural Golden Dry Skin Miracle Salve is balm for treating supremely dry and compromised skin. You can use it as a potent ointment on small areas of dryness, or go all in on smothering scaly arms and legs too. It’s intense, it’s hydrating, and the effects are seriously long-lasting.


The Results

We’re so confident of its hydration super-powers, that we had the Australian Photobiology Testing Facility, an independent research foundation that specialises in suncare and skincare evaluation located at the University of Sydney, put it to the test. Their stringent laboratory tests showed what we already knew from using it: after a single application, Golden Dry Skin Miracle Salve provided a 50% increase in hydration levels after 2 hours. Even better, when that same single application was tested after 24 hours, the 50% increase in hydration was still there.


Why it works

Golden Dry Skin Miracle Salve is an ultra-pure grade skin ointment jam-packed with hydration heavy-hitters. The ones to really write home about are our magic mix of ingredients: 

         1. Our beloved ultra pure lanolin, which softens and moisturises like nobodies business

         2. There’s also beeswax, which helps to lock in all that lovely skin-softening moisture

         3. And Vitamin E and manuka honey for their supreme healing capabilities


How to use it

Lano’s Kirsten Carriol calls it “an overnight hydration glove for your hands,” but Golden Dry Skin Miracle Salve has quite a few other miraculous uses too. For one, it’s a whiz at treating ashy skin wherever you get it, large or small. Cracked heels, yep. Scaling limbs, you bet. Chapped lips, of course. Dry skin around the nose, damn straight. Over-exfoliated complexions, too easy. Wind-burnt from the slopes, no worries. In fact, the clean, 100% natural formula is also safe for tiny baby bodies too.

If your complexion is suffering all over, Golden Dry Skin Miracle Salve also makes a better (and au naturale) alternative to the balms typically used for slugging, the K-beauty fave of layering a thick ointment over your skin routine to maximise its benefits. We also have plenty of fans of the stuff who have used it to help the healing process of a wound or a burn (peep some impressive before and afters here. “It completely reconditions the skin’s surface,” says Carriol. “It brings it back to life,” she adds.

Even better news  

This gold standard skin salve is now available in a handbag-friendly compact size. Use it to solve dry skin problems wherever they arise. Get yours here.


About the Author: 

Amy StarrAmy Starr has been a beauty editor for the last 15 years, working on magazine titles like ELLESHOP til you drop and Jones. In that time, she's travelled the world trialling treatments and products, as well as interviewing some of the globe's pre-eminent experts and beautiful faces including Rose Huntington-Whitely and Emma Watson.


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