101 Ointment’s 101 Uses

Our cult classic Original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm is The World's Best Lip Balm,
as voted by Reddit and Winner of over 50+ major awards. This super-dense natural balm penetrates & seals in moisture. 
Our 101 Ointment is a hardworking & powerful multi-tasker, the '101' stands for 101 USES (and counting), check out all 101 uses below:
101 Ointment 5 Favourite Uses for Hydration
1. Treat chapped lips
2. Moisturise dry, brittle nails
3. Apply to the dry patches between your fingers
4. Hydrate dry cuticles
5. Hydrate dry knees
6. Moisturise cracked heels
7. Moisturise dry skin on your earlobes
8. Soften ‘Chicken’ elbow patches
9. Use on children when they lick their lips to protect them
against cheilitis. If they develop cheilitis, use liberally many times a day to alleviate skin, reduce irritation, and limit further licking.
Especially use liberally on cheilitis at bedtime.
10. Use on dry patches wherever they appear from the small of
your back to the back of your knees.
11. Apply to lips as a base before applying colour
12. Apply to lips on top of colour as a gloss
13. Use as heavy-duty lip protection whilst flying
14. Soothe sunburned lips
15. Keep eyebrows in place
16. Apply to eyelashes to nourish them at night
17. Use on eyelids for glossy look
18. Apply to your crow’s feet and brow lines before bed to keep them hydrated and plump
19. Use in conjunction with retinol products to minimise potential irritation
(i.e. Under the eyes)
20. Use on cheekbones as a dewy highlight
21. Use on nails before and after swimming in chlorine to stop the
chlorine from drying out nails and making them brittle
22. Mix it with your sunscreen on the lips for the perfect
combination of hydration and sun protection
23. Blend it with powder products (bronzers, shimmers,
eye shadows, blushes) to make glossy glazes
24. Mix it with a dab of lipstick to make a quick on-the-go blush
25. Use as an eye cream around the eyes and lids at night
26. Mix it with your foundation for a more hydrating & dewy finish
27. Mix with your current moisturiser to intensify it for super hydration
28. Rub a little between your palms, apply a little to flyaway hair to tame them
29. Use on the ends of hair to treat split ends
30. Soothe & calm irritated skin after laser treatment
31. Soothe & calm irritated skin after a facial
32. Soothe skin after waxing
33. Use all over the face at night for mega hydrating skin recovery,
as the lanolin will plump skin cells to their fullest
34. Mix some with your leave-in conditioner for softer, more
manageable hair
35. Dab a little on top of your matte or colour-stay lipstick to ‘rehydrate’ your colour after it has been on for a few hours
Lanolips 101 Ointment all 101 uses
36. Apply to the sore area after ripping off a band-aid
37. Hydrate dry, cracked nasal passages from lots of sniffling
38. Apply to a wound to promote skin regeneration
39. Apply to your scalp to alleviate dandruff related to dryness
40. Heal and prevent scarring of pimples
41. Soothe skin after serious cosmetic procedures
42. Calm ‘pash rash’ after a make-out session
43. Soothe skin post tattoos and maintains tattoos
44. Apply after piercings while the wound heals, and it can
assist with the twisting around of your new piercing
45. Mix with hydrocortisone to alleviate eczema
46. Put over stitches to keep them in a moist wound-healing
47. Heal minor cuts – like paper cuts, to keep them
soft so they don’t crack more
48. Soothe skin abrasions
49. Soothe insect bites
50. Line nasal passages during flights to prevent airborne illnesses from being absorbed through the permeable nasal passage skin. (Dry air in-flight will completely dry out your protective nasal fluids.)
51. Soothe minor burns
52. Soothe open sores
53. Treat sunburn
54. Use on shaving cuts – both you and your partner
55. Soothe skin during open wound healing or skin graft healing
56. Assist in healing scars after surgery
57. Soothe windburn and cold-chapped cheeks
58. Treat wetsuit rash
59. Prevent flip flops from chafing between the toes
60. Treat dryness associated with eczema
61. Treat dryness associated with psoriasis
62. Use on peeling skin to stop
skin from peeling away to the deeper layers
63. Help allergy & asthma sufferers by applying it inside the nose as it provides a barrier against dust mites, mold and mildew
64. When fake-tanning, apply to hairline to avoid staining
65. When fake-tanning, apply to cuticles to avoid staining
66. When fake-tanning, apply to your eyebrows to avoid staining
67. When doing an at-home pedicure, apply lanolin to the rough corners of your big toes to make them look healthier and avoid dry skin growth
68. When applying hair dye, use lanolin on your hair line to avoid staining
69. When using strong day or night cream with active ingredients, use lanolin to help alleviate skin that may be have been affected by them
70. Safe to use on skin irritated and dried out from chemotherapy
(successful use of this has been reported many times)
71. Use all over lips & face to protect against the elements in extreme wind and snow
applying 101 Ointment to lips for extreme natural hydration
72. Hydrate stretch marks to promote fastest possible healing
73. Hydrate dry cracked nipples
74. Soothe nursing nipples as it is safe enough for newborn babies to digest
75. Safe enough to moisturise c-section scar after birth
76. Soothe itchy skin (baby safe)
77. Treat diaper rash (baby safe)
78. Use on newborn babies’ cracked skin
79. Use around babies’ mouths and neck to alleviate dribble rash, and protect from further rash
80. Apply on sides of nose to prevent marks from wearing glasses
81. Apply on earrings to make them easier to put on
82.When new shoes hurt, rub lanolin on the heel and back
of your shoes so that they don’t chafe
83. Remove a too-tight ring from swollen fingers
84. Soften and break in baseball gloves
85. Un-stick a stuck zipper
86. Use under rubbing underwire bras
87. Use on cracked dog & cat paws (successful use of this has been reported numerous times)
88. Use on horses’ hooves if they are cracking, as the hoof is made from keratin like our nails, so it will soften them like it does our nails
89. Use on cracked animals’ noses if they are drying out (successful use of this has been reported to us numerous times)
90. For runners, apply to nipples to prevent rubbing and bleeding
91. For winter swimmers, coat yourself in lanolin to stay warm and protected
92. Use as lubricant grease where corrosion would otherwise be a problem, particularly on stainless steel
93. Use as a lubricant for brass instruments
94. Create a sealed surface on sailboats’ propellers and stern gear to prevent barnacles from adhering
95. Oil a bike chain
96. Oil a squeaky hinge
97. Soften leather
98. Nourish and help stretch leather
99. Soften sticky residue on glass surfaces
100. Restore wood surfaces on furniture
101. Put on the seal around your fridge or freezer door to make the magnetic strip last longer
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