Please Meet: Face Base – The Aussie Flyer

From the country with a PHD in jetlag, this leave on mask reboots dull, dry skin and brings back moisture, glow and radiance.

It’s a hardcore mask form the country that’s hardcore about flying. With a solid hit of lanolin plus a punch of ginger, mint and coffee to wake, hydrate and re-condition weary skin.

It’s your boarding pass to juicy skin. Slather on a layer and leave for 10. If there’s anything left that thirsty skin cells haven’t guzzled, pat off the excess with a towel. No need for rinsing. You will be left with juicy, just-had-a-facial dewy skin, no matter how much sleep you got.

You may feel some buzz and tingling in the skin as the actives wake up the blood vessels to re-boot circulation and glow.


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