Lanolin + Egg White Gentle Cleansing Bar
Lanolin + Egg White Gentle Cleansing Bar
Lanolin + Egg White Gentle Cleansing Bar
Lanolin + Egg White Gentle Cleansing Bar
Lanolin + Egg White Gentle Cleansing Bar

Lanolin + Egg White Gentle Cleansing Bar

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Your one gentle step to instantly clean.

A classic, natural triple milled soap recipe -> for a nonsense-free, easy & thorough cleanse, face & allover.

Gently, quickly & naturally cleanses face + allover. Leaves fresh, healthy & perfectly clean skin.

With lanolin plus egg white and goats milk, for a gentle, everyday cleanse. 



    Our superstar-hero-ingredient with the big heart. The molecular structure of lanolin mimics human oils, which is why we call it 'Nature's Wonder MoisturiserTM.


    Used for centuries in skincare to gently beautify & strengthen skin.


    We would bathe in milk if we could, but we added goats milk to our Cleansing Bar for its famous eczema treating abilities.


    Abundant in nature, sulfur an excellent compound used to fizz away oil - so that it deeply & properly cleanses pores.

LANOLIN + EGG WHITE: Sodium Rapeseedate (Rapeseed) Oil*, Sodium Sunflowerate (Sunflower) Oil*, Sodium Cocoate (Coconut)*, Aqua (Purified Water) *, Parfum (Fragrance)*, Caprae Lac (Goat Milk)*, Lanolin*, Glycerin*, Albumen (Egg White) Powder*, Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt)*, Titanium Dioxide*, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate. *naturally derived ingredients.

Apply the lather to your face and body. Rinse.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Must have for camping

I use this bar of soap when I go camping/backpacking. It's a little easier to cut than most bars of soap, so I'm able to cut off just enough for what I'll need (handy for pack-in/pack-out locations). I've used it for all sorts of things while camping (including my face--I have mostly dry skin and it wasn't too harsh). Definitely multi-purpose!!

Cleansing Bar

Love this soap! Very moisturizing and great for sensitive skin. Would definitely repurchase.

Best bar soap

this is the best bar soap I've ever used. I won't use it on my face personally but I use it as my shower bar for my body and it is perfect! I will keep purchasing

Great soap bar for travel - use as second cleanser after make up remover

I look for bar soaps when travelling. I've gone through a few across some brands and was excited to see Lanolips doing one so I had to have it, naturally. This is a gorgeous bar soap that doesn't leave the skin squeaky. It is a really good blend of lanolin and egg white so I find it tightens skin only in a 'nourished' way. It will last ages especially if only using it for travelling. Beautyheaven customer review.

Fast, Simple, Easy & Effective

It's a simple bar cleanser which lathered up within like a second so it's fast and I didn't feel the need to leave it on my face for more than few seconds (like less than five) as it did feel highly concentrated and 'intense' in the formula, just like it says on the label. So pretty much as soon as I put it on, I was then rinsing it off and it left my skin feeling gently and thoroughly cleansed. I do have oily combination skin in most areas of my skin so my skin suited this bar. I also have dry and ageing areas and it was also gentle there too so I didn't need to worry about it being harsh or anything. In fact, I was quite surprised how very gentle this intensly cleansing formula is - though I did only feel the need to leave it on my face for around three seconds. So it's fast and effective and gentle too.
It is a bar which I've been keeping on a special airy soap holder on the side of my vanity so it doesn't get wrecked. It's best to keep this as dry as possible.
It's easy to hold as it has ridges on one side for good grippage. I find it has a faint scent of sulphur which was fine and I knew that sulphur was good for my oily skin type on my T zone. I found this overall very satisfying to use and so easy. Also makes a brilliant body cleanser in the shower - again it's fast and easy to use and gets my skin feeling super clean, but not stripped at all and not dry either. A quick lather all over and then a rinse is all that I needed to have great results with this.
I actually only purchased this because I needed to top up my points to get to the 500 mark so I could receive the 300 back but boy I really am glad I did! Having this 500 point option encouraged me to buy something that appealed to me but wouldn't normally have gone ahead and bought through the Rewards Room.
I like it a lot and would re-purchase now I've tried it and would certainly recommend to my friends and family. In fact, my youngest daughter has some pimple-prone skin on her upper back and I intend to let her try my Lanolips cleansing bar there because I think it would be perfect for that. Beautyheaven customer review.

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